How Boho Masks came to be

NOTE: I wanted to feature an image of Mango the Dog modeling a mask, but every time we tried to put one on her she tried to eat it. We'll keep trying.

A few weeks ago, like much of the world the government of Mexico - and Mexican states like Nayarit, where Sayulita is - began urging people to stay home and businesses to close their doors. The town of Sayulita responded aggressively and things began to get quiet (we've never seen the beach so empty).

A local custom handmade clothing vendor in Sayulita was one of those shops that had to close. But to keep her staff of local seamstresses busy they pivoted to creating masks. 

At the same time, whenever we ventured into town with Mango, to comply with the directive and to protect ourselves we wore masks. First we created our own out of spare sarongs we had laying around, but we wondered about making better ones that might also compliment our Boho Mango collars and bracelets. We talked with our Huichol friends about creating traditionally embroidered masks, and we're still exploring that.

We reached out to customers and got feedback from folks who said they'd love to have more than one style of mask so that, for example, they can leave one in the car, one in their bag, etc. And they had to be washable, and filtered!

In the meantime we've started collaborating with our friend who owns the clothing shop, who is now designing masks that both meet our requirements and, we believe, compliment and even enhance the boho style of our Mango collars and bracelets. And every purchase helps keep a local seamstress employed.

Now if we can just get Mango to stop chewing on her mask...

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