How it began

About native artisans, animal protectors & a street dog named Mango.

In 2006

Jill & Ron Tomich moved their home & business into a small RV and drove to Mexico. The general idea was, if they could find both waves and wifi together in nearby proximity, they'd park and make a go of it.

During their years in Mexico


While a few Huichol artisans

Giving back

Animal Protectors

Finding Mango

How a skinny Michoacan street dog became the inspiration - and supermodel - for Boho Mango

It was Easter Eve morning

and they were sitting on plastic stools eating eggs & warm tortillas outside a neighborhood cafe on “Menudo Row” in Patzcuaro, a charming town of artists, craft markets and old plazas in the mountains of Michoacan that dates back to the year 1320. A street pup wandered up and rested her chin on Ron's lap, hoping to trade some puppy charm for a bite. Her thick black fur was mottled with dust on her thin frame, but her teeth were white, as were her paws, the tip of her long tail, and the endearing heart-shaped patch on her chest.

They shared some eggs & some puppy love

and as they got up to walk back to their camp the pup tentatively tagged along. In seconds - and with surprisingly few words - hearts melted and they agreed to invite this new friend into their lives. 

After she arrived to Sayulita,